Blessed are the Poor in Spirit

Not sure if it is the beginning of the new year or if it is simply God inviting me to press in a bit more but I am planning to blog here a bit more in 2011. Most of what I write will be pretty short and focus on one or two verses. My initial plan is to post about the words of Jesus and will begin with The Beatitudes.

Consider the way that Jesus begins the Sermon on the Mount:
     "Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven."
Jesus begins this passage by speaking of being poor in spirit. This verse speaks to me of humility. I think that we are blessed when we are humble. The kingdom of heaven is ours when we are humble. In a sense all blessings begins with humility. In truth humility is acknowledging our spiritual poverty.

Lord, help me to be humble.


  1. Yep. I'm blogging more, as well. Thanks for the reminder!

  2. A new year presents lots of good ideas and intentions. I plan to be more faithful and thoughtful in my "Thoughts for Sunday".

    I think the best service come from the deepest humility.

  3. You can make an entire month of prayers, an entire life of prayer around the Beatitudes. We can continually examine ourselves on our humility, poverty of spirit, meekness, etc.

    Good start to the year!

  4. Poor in this case means a beggar, one who is completely lacking in sustenance. In other workds, to have a broken spirit, void of self, so we can see Jesus. Without this brokenness, humility is virtually impossible. But it is often a tough prayer to ask God to break us. Asking for humility is doing just that. But there is no better place to start.

    May God grant your prayer and mine too, for humility.

  5. My word for last year was "vulnerable" and boy did 2010 show how very vulnerable I and my family are.

    I look forward with great hope, faith and anticipation to 2011 and look forward, as always, to visit your blog. I, too, hope to be a little more consistent this year about blogging. I think fb becomes an interruption to more serious thought that blogging requires.

  6. i, too have the great need to learn how to be humble. I can't surrender myself. In church I always silently criticize the people on the pulpit. I just can't surrender myself to God's will. I always assert myself


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