Blessed are those who Mourn

"Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted."

I wish that I did not know what it was like to mourn or to grieve because of the pain that is involved. It hurts to lose someone who is close to us. It is painful to lose an ability you once had. Sometimes our past is filled with such pain.

Even so, it blesses me that Jesus speaks directly to this issue. He speaks to us not of the blessing of grief but of the blessing of being comforted. I have really needed the comfort of God and of friends in my life.

I remember the time when my friends mourned with me when my first wife died. I remember comforting friends who suffered great losses. We all need the blessing of comfort in our lives. I am thank for this blessing.

Lord, comfort me.


  1. This goes to the heart of our relationship when we can receive comfort and blessing in the midst of grief and pain.

    It takes me back to Jill accident, and how 30 people from our church filled the ER ~ waiting to see if she would live or die.... to have that many mourners with us... Oh how I thank God for his comfort in those times.

  2. What a wonderful memory Wanda. It reminds me of how comfort usually comes through Christ's body.


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