The Cultivator

This morning in church, as I was lost in worship, I saw a picture in my mind. I first saw a picture of a very beautiful yellow flower ... as I looked the vision seemed to pan out and I saw a golden haired young woman kneeling before the planting ... crying as she toiled ... working the soil with her hands. I then began receiving a few words which I wrote down ... here they are:

The Cultivator

I saw her bowed down before a glorious planting of flowers,

Hands in the soil, tenderly working the roots with water and her hands,

Her flowers are beautiful, her plantings prosperous,

All she plants does very well and nothing withers in the sun,

The Lord has given her favor because she is faithful and a lover of God,

Stooped down, she has taken the position of serving and intercession,

With humility of heart and conviction of soul she is a mighty force,

She is
The Cultivator. She is Mom!

These words are so appropriate for today, Mother's Day. If you are a mom then please take these words of encouragement to heart ... your children appreciate the tears, the words and the deeds that you have cultivated into their lives.


  1. Bob,

    Thank you so much for sharing this today. As mom's we often can't see the blossoms. Sometimes it's because we haven't taken the time to step away and look at what God is doing in our children. Sometimes we've been working with troublesome roots. We need reminders from the Lord just like this. But then I guess He knows that.

    Laura Smith

  2. The words of encouragement were much appreciated...we all need encouragement!

    I didn't know you were a poet. The Lord has certainly blessed you with many gifts and I am so blessed to receive some of them.

    Thanks from,

    Patti Horton

  3. DAD! whats up its me matt, hey can i borrow 200 bucks? haha just kidding! hey cool blog and great writings. you got some gift there you know.

    talk to you soon


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