Peace and Harmony

Bill Tammeus references an article in Arab News. The article ends with "Such incidents anger over 1.5 billion Muslims who want to live in peace and harmony the world over".

I hear similar words from people of others faiths - people want to live in peace and harmony but continue to speak words that are contrary to those sentiments. I found the very short Arab News article riddled with words like "resentment", "sinister campaign", "negative consequences", and "hatred in the Muslim world". Conservative Christians, of which I am one, often use similar words when they describe people in Hollywood and the news media.

If we are ever to live in peace and harmony we must find a way to get past rhetoric and find a way to genuinely love and accept each other – one heart at a time. For me, Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount, raises the bar for peace and harmony in the world … treating others the way you want to be treated … turning the other cheek … going the extra mile. These concepts all go to motive and, apart from His help; I am helpless and hopeless to act in ways that bring peace and harmony.

Peace and harmony – good words for this day when we celebrate the life of Nobel Peace Prize recipient Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

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