Feminine Anointing

Our church supports and encourages women in ministry ... I work beside several gifted and anointed sisters in Christ. That said I want to say how I love their femininity ... they have each learned to bring a very feminine aspect to ministry. In the past few years I have enjoyed it when these gals teach from the pulpit because they bring a message with a distinctly feminine perspective.

I think that many women in ministry are in contrast to these sisters ... their messages are manly and devoid of the qualities that make women in ministry precious and special.

So, on this Valentines Day, my hat goes off to all the many women in ministry and commerce that, having kept their femininity in tact, minister in glorious ways to children, other women and men.


  1. Thank you for that encouragement. We, as women need to be who God created us to be and flourish in the qualities that God has given us to reflect Him.


  2. I'm interested.....what makes the women's messages "manly?"

  3. Regarding:

    what makes the women's messages "manly?"

    I guess it depends on your definitions of masculine and feminine … and if you think that women are unique in the way that they are used by the Lord. I understand that men and women may have similar gifts and callings but I think that the way that they walk these out are often unique to their gender. I didn’t blog to communicate and identify stereotypical manly vs. womanly behaviors but just acknowledge the uniqueness that sisters bring to ministry.

  4. bob, your encouragement is strengthening-- I did have a question about the qualities you see in a feminine anointing that are different from male ministers.

    I don't want to debate this, I'm interested in what you see.

  5. "qualities you see in a feminine anointing that are different from male ministers"

    Wow, could I get myself in trouble here ... what the heck let me jump in ... please consider that these are generalizations that always have exceptions ...

    I think that women often bring a more compassionate flair to ministry ... they communicate in an empathetic and understanding way.

    I think that women bring a distinctly different focus to ministry ... they have a large heart for issues of family ... they understand the challenges of children better than men.

    I think that women in touch with their hearts communicate in a softer and gentler fashion then men do.

    Just a few thoughts ... hope I haven't got myself in trouble ... several of you did ask :)

    Anyone care to add to the list?

  6. In trouble?

    I like being a woman. I believe a woman can and does bring those gifts that you mentioned. But when anyone, man or woman, starts naming and categorizing for their own selfish reasons, that's when men are accused of being effimate and not effective, or women are accused of stepping out of their place.

    bob, I don't want you to feel that I am accusing you or correcting you- taking away from your heartfelt thanks to the women who serve in your church-- just some words triggered a thought process.
    Dangerous, I know!

  7. Good thooughts Patchouli! Sounds like you have had some real life experiences around this.


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