The Eyeglasses Question

Here is a question that I asked a group of my leader-type friends recently:
"Why don't people that wear eyeglasses or contacts ask for healing prayer?"
To clear the air you need to know that I began wearing glasses for distance when I was around 18 ... took them off when I was around 20 ... put them back on in my early 30s. Over the years I have prayed many times for healing of my eyes ... my eyesight changed when I was around 40 and I needed them for reading as well as distance. I don't pray for healing of my eyes much any more and I really don't know why. I believe that God heals today ... I pray for healing for people all of the time ... I even pray for healing for myself in other areas ... just don't ask for prayer for healing of my eyes.

So, I usually don't do this much here ... solicit input from people - what do you think about about this question of healing of eyesight? I really want to know. Here is what I would like to know if you respond:
  1. Do you wear glasses? If answer is 'no' then go to question 3.
  2. Have you ever asked God to heal your eyes? If so, when was the last time you asked?
  3. "Why don't people that wear eyeglasses or contacts ask for healing prayer?"

I am really interested in your thoughts ... even if you have never posted ... please comment away. Thanks in advance.


  1. 1.Do you wear glasses? YES

    2.Have you ever asked God to heal your eyes? NO

    3."Why don't people that wear eyeglasses or contacts ask for healing prayer?"

    Until now I never thought about it. Then again my eyes weren't too bad. Now I have to read tiny number and type them into a computer. My eyes also don't adjust well so at times things are fuzzy. Now I'll pray for my eyes. Thanks

  2. You know why? Because, what if it isn't answered? That's why. :-)

  3. All prayers are answered. We don't always get what we think we need. I Thank God for those unanswered prayers.

  4. Do you wear glasses?
    Only reading glasses. And I only remember to read them when I find myself stuttering in front of people while trying to read a passage. :-)

    Have you ever asked God to heal your eyes?

    "Why don't people that wear eyeglasses or contacts ask for healing prayer?"
    I am with Milly on this. God always answers our prayers. It's just that sometimes He says, "no."
    Paul talks about this when he says, "To keep me from becoming conceited because of these surpassingly great revelations, there was given me a thorn in my flesh, a messenger of Satan, to torment me. [8] Three times I pleaded with the Lord to take it away from me. (2 Cor. 12:7-8)

    You haven't by any chance been struggling with conceit lately, have you K.B. (jk)

    I believe that when the eyes start going as you have described it is not a matter of needing healing, but a matter of, less young. ;-)

  5. Hey! DK are ya call'n some of us old? ;-}

  6. 1.Yes, I do wear glasses

    2.Indirectly, I have asked God to heal my eyes, yes.

    For years I had bad allergies and was always rubbing my eyes. It got very bad and I saw a series of doctors. My eyes looked very bad; tired, red, wrinkled, and puffy; I looked twenty years older and was irritated to the point of going nuts by the itchiness.

    I repeatedly asked God for healing; sometimes shouting for help when the itchiness got out of control. God healed me. I don't know when exactly but the allergy just went away. As a bonus, I was able to stop wearing my glasses. Praise God; he has shown me his face and it is love and mercy.

    3. I think people don't ask for their eyes to be healed because it is something they get used to and it may not bother them that much.

  7. Hi Bob. I just started wearing glasses about 5 years ago for distance. My eyes aren't that bad, really. I've never prayed for healing in my eyes and thinking about it, the reasons would probably be that 1)My eyes don't cause me pain and 2) The man-made solution (glasses/contacts) is pretty easy to implement.

    Interesting questions that you have. Right now it makes me think of how many times we settle for less than what God has intended for us just because where we are is comfortable.

  8. Interesting question. I have often wondered that myself. Luckily, I don't wear glasses, so that is a prayer I haven't needed to pray. But, I am sure that, like everyone else, there are things that I have gotten used to that don't really bother me that much that I don't pray about. I agree with the others who said that God doesn't always answer our prayers the way we want him to, but doesn't the bible also say that one of the reasons prayers aren't answered is because we don't ask?

  9. 1.Do you wear glasses? No longer. I had Lasik lasy year. I had worn corrective lenses since I was 11.

    2.Have you ever asked God to heal your eyes? NO

    3."Why don't people that wear eyeglasses or contacts ask for healing prayer?" Some do. And God has healed some folks I know. But many of us live like Paul, coming to know His grace and its sufficiency.

  10. 1. Yes
    2. No
    3. I'm afraid to put my faith in God on the spot. Especially on something so petty. In more desperate situations, however, I don't hestitate to ask. And on one occasion, demand.

  11. I recently (today) began to ask God to heal my eyes from needing glasses and contact lenses. A few years back, my girlfriend's mother, a Pentecostal Christian, gave me a word that God "would even heal my eyes" so I wouldn't need to wear glasses. I was a 3-week old Christian at that moment, but I guess the seed must have been planted. Now, I'm seeing that if God were to heal my eyes, it would be a tremendous testimony for my parents who are not Christians, who for years have bought me glasses and bought glasses for themselves. In our worldly way of thinking, there is nothing more impossible than God making someone who will need eyeglasses for their whole life suddenly see 20/20. Join with me if you'd like; I've never asked for prayer like this, and I am going to try to do it with expectancy and hope, and when it happens, I promise to give Jesus all the glory.

  12. I weared pinhole glasses and prayed for healing and now I don't wear glasses at all.


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