The Church of Me

I bit of irreverent church video humor from Sermon Spice:
Me Church helps us understand what we really (don't) need from church.

The Evangelism Linebacker will motivate you to get your act together and shows you how to 'love' people into the kingdom.
If you are done laughing I want to really recommend this clip to you. Get Service is an insightful video about how a young man is frustrated that no one looks out for him until he is given eyes to see the needs of those around him. I found it to be impactful.


  1. Bob, these are great -- I'm still laughing. I'm looking forward to watching the third, more serious video shortly.

    I really enjoy your blog -- would you mind if I linked it as a recommended blog on my site?

  2. Had to follow up -- the third video is very powerful. It's a lesson many folks -- including me -- could take a great deal from. Thanks so much for sharing it with everyone.

  3. The Get Service video put a lump in my throat; it choked me up. Praise God for the Spirit in my heart by which He allows me to "Get It". Thanks Bob!

  4. Man, some of those are convicting!

    By the way, K.B., Did you notice that you've been tagged?


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