Thanks for Praying

Just a follow-up to my January post where I told you of how I was once again having to flow with weakness. Firstly, thanks to everyone who has been praying ... even if you just prayed a short prayer. It has been a difficult time for Ann and I because progress seems a bit slower than it has been in the past. Ann is better and getting stronger. She is working with a physical therapist and beginning to transition a bit from a walker to a cane. Please continue to pray for us both.

Many Blessings, Bob


  1. Glad to hear of Ann's improvements. It must be really frustrating at times. I'm glad she has a loving man by her side.

    Now about that comic - I am stealing it, it's classic.

  2. Love the comic! prayer was a tad longer for you all...

  3. That's wonderful news that she is showing improvement. The prayers will certainly be continuing from all of us!


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