Dark Night of the Soul

This post is dedicated to anyone who is experiencing a really long season of difficulty - I am thinking about one blogger friend in particular. Here is an excerpt from Dark Night of the Soul written by Saint John of the Cross.

These souls turn back at such a time if there is none who understands them; they abandon the road or lose courage; or, at the least, they are hindered from going farther by the great trouble which they take in advancing along the road of meditation and reasoning. Thus they fatigue and overwork their nature, imagining that they are failing through negligence or sin. But this trouble that they are taking is quite useless, for God is now leading them by another road, which is that of contemplation, and is very different from the first; for the one is of meditation and reasoning, and the other belongs neither to imagination nor yet to reasoning.

It is well for those who find themselves in this condition to take comfort, to persevere in patience and to be in no wise afflicted. Let them trust in God, Who abandons not those that seek Him with a simple and right heart, and will not fail to give them what is needful for the road, until He bring them into the clear and pure light of love. This last He will give them by means of that other dark night, that of the spirit, if they merit His bringing them thereto.

The way in which they are to conduct themselves in this night of sense is to devote themselves not at all to reasoning and meditation, since this is not the time for it, but to allow the soul to remain in peace and quietness, although it may seem clear to them that they are doing nothing and are wasting their time, and although it may appear to them that it is because of their weakness that they have no desire in that state to think of anything. The truth is that they will be doing quite sufficient if they have patience and persevere in prayer without making any effort.

It is difficult to persevere in patience when we are disappointed, sad, depressed and hurt so much for so long. In times like these I take the advice of this song and press on in Jesus name. Sometimes I have to listen to it several times to really get the message.


  1. I'm listening to the song as I type this comment. This post is incredible, its perfect, its a message from God that I, for one, needed to hear. Thanks for your encouraging and heart and for being sensitive to those around you who struggle. I received an email from my friend Donna this morning in different words, it has the same message as this one by St. John of the Cross's, you and this song! (coincidence? nah, it's God).

    (I have a devotional by him I think I'll get it out and read it)

  2. A wonderful and timely post, KB. This one went straight to the heart. Thanks. :)

  3. Thanks KB, this is much needed for me as well. God bless.

  4. There is too much in my heart to say what I want to say.

    Just... thank you.


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