Grateful For What Really Matters

Susan Estrich begins her article titled Thanksgiving: A Holiday at War With Our Culture bemoaning the reality of what Thanksgiving has become and how challenging the holiday can be.. making a moist Turkey.. getting past the thoughtlessness of relatives and friends.. the demands of cultural thinness.. the success of nasty people.. aaahh.. enough to make a body depressed.. but Susan ends the article this way:
The challenge of Thanksgiving is not to make a better turkey, not to lose 10 pounds, not to get there first or faster or cheaper, or with the most money in your pocket or the most gold stars on your forehead. It's to remember that those things don't really matter, and to be grateful for what does.
We all know in our hearts what really matters.. we are all thankful for the tangible and intangibles of life that we hold so dear.. but sometimes the events of our lives can overshadow those things that we are thankful for.. pain can breed an inward foocus and cause us to forget what really matters.

Today.. on this day dedicated to the giving of thanks.. join with me and offer a prayer of thanks to God for those things that really matter.. and say a word of thanks to those that really matter to you. Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Amen Brother. Thank you for the blessing you've been to me over the years.

  2. Ah...this was good. Thanks. Thanks for being Kansas Bob, too. Blessings and prayers for you and Ann...and continued prayers for safety for Matt.

  3. Thanks. Really nice post You're a blessing to many, this one in Texas for sure!


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