No Limits

As we worshipped this morning, singing this song, an awesome picture/vision flooded my mind.. here it is as I remember it:
The first image was of a soccer field as seen from the clouds.. as I looked at the field all of the lines began to disappear into the green turf.. I countinued to look and I saw the bleacher-like stands on either side of the field seamlessly descend like an elevator into the grass.. the next scene took my breath away as I saw everyone rush onto the field.
Here is what the vision communicated to me:
  1. There are no boundaries in Heaven.. no artificial human limits.. limits created by others or by we ourselves are no obstacle to God.. He will qualify those who He calls.
  2. Christ has leveled the playing field.. no man-made delineation between professional and amateur ministry.. He can use anyone.
  3. Everyone can play.. and we all want to play.. no one really enjoys watching.. we are all needed.. there are no bench warmers on God's team.

I shared a bit of this with our church this morning. Afterwards one of the guys came up to me and told me that God was speaking the same thing.. a message of no limits.. to him a few weeks ago. Here's wishing you a year of no limits and unlimited blessings as you follow Jesus.


  1. Wow, powerful vision....I am glad you shared it with us here!

    I am so sorry to hear about your dad in law :(

  2. PS. I just noticed your "Sermon on Broken Hearts" in the sidebar and am listening to it. Its so great to hear your voice. This is such a good message.

  3. So cool Bob,
    No limits sounds like what we need more of. I get so tired of people trying to "educate" me out of a position that I have actually matured to. I'm no theologian but Just because some one is, that doesn't make them always right, any more useful or of any more value to God and His kingdom.
    Thanks Bob,
    Peace Be With You

  4. bob,

    Such a powerful vision. No limits, no boundaries to our effort to serve Him and He has opened the way.

    Thank you

  5. Kansas Bob,
    Excellent post brother.
    It is something I think we all need to read.

  6. Love this Bob. Truly there are no limits!!!!

  7. Sure glad I read this blog entry. I love the idea, "2008, a year of no limits".


  8. Exactly what I needed to receive right in this moment. Thanks, KB,and remember Luke 6:38.

  9. A year of no may it be!

    It is good to find a kindred spirit whenever and wherever one chances to appear. Peace to you, Bob, and to your family too.

  10. I get teary eyed with some of your posts. I have alot of negative talk inside sometimes and I struggle to get rid of it.


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