Say Amen!

This video is a message from Otis Moss III, the new senior pastor at Trinity Church of Christ.. Barack Obama's church. It is an uplifting message.. one that speaks to the courage to hope again. Hope you enjoy all 8 minutes of it.


  1. Before I listen to it I will tell you what a co-worker said to me just hours ago about Barak Obama's church:

    "They are evil and teach hate. They hate America"


  2. I think she must have listened to his OLD pastor not this one. I sure hope so. This was great.

  3. Thanks for posting this. I have just listened to it twice. It does sound pretty good. The one thing I noticed, and it concerns me, is he never once invoked the name of Jesus. He did quote the Bible, and he did say God a lot. I don't really know what that means......but I would like to hear more messages from him and I would like to hear what he has to say about our Lord and Savoir, Jesus. Do you have any thoughts on this?

  4. Not much on Otis Moss III out there Susan.. you might want to google him.. this video might help.

    Of course Obama's former pastor invoked Jesus' name many times in some of the video that I have watched. My sense is that (in general) these are folks who love Jesus but minister in a somewhat different culture than you or I live in. Issues of racial unity, poverty and other social issues are front and center in their church.. I suspect that our suburban churches deal with different issues.

    What do you think?


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