Meekness and Fear-of-God

The payoff for meekness and Fear-of-God is plenty and honor and a satisfying life. -Proverbs 22:4 MSG

Ever wonder who wrote that Moses was the meekest man on earth? Tradition says that Moses himself wrote it in the book of Numbers. Even so, I think that someone else probably penned it. Yet I do find Moses to be one who fits the description above - I think meekness is mainly about our relationship to God. Moses showed us meekness in the way that he followed God with diligent obedience - someone who is meek cares more about the will of God than their own.

When I think about the fear of the Lord my mind travels back to my childhood and my relationship with my dad. When I was young I had a healthy fear of his discipline but as I got older that fear turned into a deep respect and love. The example is imperfect but speaks to me of how my relationship with our Heavenly Father has grown over time. The initial fear of judgment morphed into awe and a respect for his love and sacrifice. Perhaps meekness grows over time?

Teach us to be meek and humble Lord. Help any fear we have towards you to mature into a loving relationship.

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