Forgive us as we forgive others. -Matthew 6:12 GWT

There is such a relational aspect to forgiveness. We need to be forgiven as much as we need to forgive. In a sense one cannot truly forgive unless they have experienced forgiveness. Both things, giving and receiving forgiveness, are so necessary to our spiritual, emotional and mental health. And yet there is something needed to complete the circle.

For one to be forgiven they must first acknowledge their need of forgiveness. Practically this means that I can forgive you but you will not experience forgiveness if you do not think that you did something that needed to be forgiven. In such a case, only the forgiver will reap the blessing of forgiveness. And sadly the circle of forgiveness will remain broken.

Create in us a heart to forgive Lord. And forgive us as we forgive others.

... this devotion is part of an ongoing series on words in the bible.


  1. I believe that lack of forgiveness is the cause of most, if not all, of our relationship problems.

    1. That is an interesting thought Fred. On the flipside there is person who seems to never repent of bad behavior regardless the amount of forgiveness offered to them. Each seem to eat away at the trust needed for a relationship to survive and thrive.


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