He was foreknown before the foundation of the world but was manifested in these last times for your sake. -1Peter 1:20

The Greek word phaneroĆ³ communicates the sense of something that was unknown that is now known. Something hidden that was revealed. In a very real sense this is what the life of Jesus Christ was all about. He manifested the very image and character of God. He told the disciples that they saw the Father when they saw the Son.

Yet many hang on to the imagery of the warrior God that is often embraced by people who lived before Jesus. It is why so many Jews had a hard time accepting Jesus as the Messiah. Their image of God was one who raised up warriors to defeat their enemies. How could they accept a Messiah who commanded them to love their enemies?

Help me Lord to rid my self of false images of you and to fully embrace the one manifested by Jesus in the gospels.

... this devotion is part of my series on the epistles of Peter and biblical words.

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