In the same way, you wives should yield to your husbands. Then, if some husbands do not obey God’s teaching, they will be persuaded to believe without anyone’s saying a word to them. They will be persuaded by the way their wives live. Your husbands will see the pure lives you live with your respect for God. [1Peter 3:1-2 NCV]
I can relate to these words. In 1975 my wife Ellen embraced the gospel message and was born again. Her life was radically changed. She was blind in both eyes and got her sight back in one eye when she asked Jesus into her life. The internal transformation emanated from her heart and affected everything she did. Her transformation won me to Christ.

I think that this is the transformation that Peter speaks to when he advises wive to yield to their husbands. Not needing to win an argument is evidence of a changed life. Being able to yield and defer to another person can be so hard. Yet it is so necessary. Sometimes the strongest person is the one who yields to another because it takes humility to yield.

I am proud Lord. I want to have my way. Give me the power to yield. Amen.

... this devotion is part of my series on the epistles of Peter and biblical words.

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