The Obedient Heart

The Lord watches over those who obey him, those who trust in his constant love. [Psalm 33:18 GNT]

The word obey often has a somewhat negative connotation. It sometimes takes on a meaning of doing something against our will. When a person obeys the speed limit on a highway it can be seen as resisting the urge to speed. One a serious note, I think society is built on the idea of obeying the law.

On a personal level, I have found that my ability to obey the Lord is often contingent on the strength of my heart and it's ability to speak louder than my flesh. When I am tempted, do I obey the dictates of my flesh or of my heart. Have I been doing things that nourish and strengthen my heart or my flesh?

I think that the obedient heart is a heart strengthened by spiritual food and exercise. Such a heart able to overcome the urges of the flesh. Such a heart is convinced of, and trusts in, the constant and faithful love of God. Such a transformed heart is able to transform the path of our journey and our future.

Help us to Lord to establish disciplines that will nourish, exercise and strengthen our hearts.

... this devotion is part of a series about King David.

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