the revelation

This is the revelation of Jesus the Anointed, the Liberating King: an account of visions and a heavenly journey. God granted this to Him so He would show His followers the realities that are already breaking into the world and soon will be fulfilled. [Revelation 1:1 VOICE]

This last book of the bible is an appropriate ending to it. Genesis, the first biblical book, begins in a garden. Revelation ends in a garden. The book carries in it themes of heaven and of earth. It is a melding of heavenly visions and earthly realities. It is misunderstood by many like me.

It is important to first note that the book is a divine revelation of a person. In each passage a bit of Jesus the Anointed is revealed to us. I think that it is important, as we read the book, to interpret it through the life, ministry and teachings of Jesus that we find in the gospel accounts.

The book is filled with visions that are hard to understand if we take our eyes off of the one who is being revealed. The clear message of it can be obscured if we get caught up in charts and timelines. It is all about hidden realities revealed to encourage us in our walk with the Revealer.

We need you Lord. Reveal yourself afresh to us today.

... this devotion is part of a series from the book of Revelation.

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