the toxic paralysis of worry

Don’t worry about tomorrow. [Matthew 6:34 CEV]

A few days ago I wrote about playing out worst case scenarios.
In a sense living in fear of future events is what worry is all about.
I have found it to be a futile effort in trying to control what cannot be controlled.

The sad side-effects of worry is that incapacitates us.
Worry keeps us from doing things that are productive and healthy.
At it's worst it is a road block in our journey of trusting God.

Around Christmas 2002, on a cruise in the Caribbean, crisis came knocking at my door.
My wife Ann had a waist-down paralyzing relapse of Devic's Disease on the ship.
One afternoon, off the coast of Mexico, I headed to the hot tub as she napped.

Her paralysis was causing a toxic paralysis of worry in my life.
All I could focus on was how things would get worse.
I needed help in the worst way and I could not find it.

As I stepped into the waters of that tub, I sensed God speaking to me.
I felt him encourage me to release control and simply flow in the moment.
Waves of peace began to come as I started to trust the Lord with my heart.

Worry is an evidence that we have begun to trust our heads rather than the Lord.
It is a toxic state of despair, unbelief and hopelessness.
In contrast, trust embodies hope and a belief that God will help us get through.

Remembering the events of Christmas 2002 reminds me of my need to trust and not worry.
It helps me to center my hope on what God can do and how much he cares for me.
Trusting the Lord frees me up from the toxicity of worst case scenarios.

Remind us Lord of our need to trust you when things seem out of control.

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  1. This brought tears to my eyes. Our only hope is in the Lord.
    Thank you for sharing and reaffirming that I need to Trust and let go of the toxicity of fear.

    1. Thanks for sharing this Sue. Many blessings to you in the days ahead.

  2. Replies
    1. I needed it too Debby.

      On another note, I am hoping that Blogger gets its comment notification problem fixed soon. I have missed several comment that folks have made on my blogs.


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