spiritual not cerebral

“Do you believe that I have the power to restore sight to your eyes?” ...
“You will have what your faith expects!” [Matthew 9:28,29 TPT]

Two men have heard of Jesus' fame and with impassioned voices they chase him down.
They loudly cry out “Son of David, show us mercy and heal us!”
Can you feel into their desperation and the guarded optimism in their voices?

It is hard for me read about these blind men and not think about Ellen.
In my early twenties my first wife Ellen was blind for three years.
Those were difficult days. Our young lives had some really difficult moments.

Jesus had an interesting response to the blind men chasing him down.
He does not ask if they believe that he is the Messiah or even a prophet or teacher.
He asks them if they believe in his ability to heal their blindness - "their" blindness.

Jesus then responds saying that he would act according to "their" faith.
Do you catch the significance of how Jesus makes it so personal?
Jesus was not really challenging their head but went right to their heart.

I do not think that Jesus is laying down a health and wealth trip on them.
He was never about theological formulas and 12 step healing processes.
The focus of his ministry was spiritual and not cerebral.

The words of Christ in this passage challenges me today.
Believing that God has the power to help me is not really about my theology.
Faith is all about what we believe with our heart and not our head.

Lord I believe in you. Help me to believe that you are able to answer the prayers I pray.

... this devotion is part of the Red Letters series. Click here to read more.


  1. Scripture has a way of really becoming alive when you have actually experienced what was being felt here.

    I'm so grateful for the lessons you are sharing from the Scriptures, and your honesty in sharing your jounney.

    Look forward to these each day.

  2. These are so helpful to me, Bob. THANK YOU!


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