spiritual family

“Anyone who obeys my Father in heaven is my brother, sister, and mother! [Matthew 12:24 NLT]

One of the first songs I remember singing as a new believer had a refrain that went:
"I'm so glad I'm a part of the family of God"
I loved, and still love, the idea of having a spiritual family.
Yet, with time, I understood that spiritual family did not always translate to church family.

When someone left for another church the idea of family sadly took on the persona of a divorce.
Yet I rejoice knowing that some who I churched with 30 years ago are still my friends.
In reflection, I understand that the connection Jesus speaks of is spiritual not religious.

I think that there is a universal familial phenomenon of people who are marked by love.
In reality, we who love often have more in common with people outside of our faith traditions.
Our spiritual family seems to be far greater than the people we see on Sunday morning.

I love how Jesus calls us family members, identifying us as something more than servants.
When he compares us to his actual family members he is speaking to spiritual relationships.
So amazing that this eternal familyhood will outlast all temporal family relationships.

Lord, thank you that I have the privilege of calling you Father.

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  1. Amen Bob. We rejoice that King Jesus who is our Lord is also our brother. Thankyou Lord for your great love for us


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