blessed taxes

Jesus asked him, “What do you think, Simon? From whom do the kings of the world collect fees or taxes? Is it from their family members or from other people?” [Matthew 17:25 GW]

In April tax returns will be due here in the United States.
Over the years I have encountered Christians who believe that they do not have to pay taxes.
Can't really remember their rationale but they were pretty firm in their beliefs.

The truth is that many begrudgingly pay taxes.
These look for every single legal (and I used that term loosely) deduction they are entitled to.
I think taxes have always been an unpopular reality.

Even back in Jesus' day people hated to pay taxes.
Interesting how Jesus addresses the inequities of the tax code back then.
Apparently it was common knowledge that some (i.e. royal family members) did not pay taxes.

This sounds a lot like folks today who use loopholes in the tax code to evade taxes.
Jesus later tells Peter that he should pay the tax to simply not offend the taxing authority.
He did not see himself as one above the law.

Amazing how he paid the tax using a shekel found in the mouth of a fish.
I mean really. How did he know that fish had a shekel?
Perhaps it is an object lesson for us who believe?

I wonder if the fish represents God's blessings of those who are faithful to pay taxes?
In reality taxes are simply our civil tithe to those who keep our streets and our nations safe.
Perhaps our attitude should be one of thankfulness for those who tangibly serve us?

My trust is in you Lord. Help my attitude to be one of gratitude when I pay taxes.

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