religious vs spiritual people

This issue keeps arising from the Jewish leaders. They do not appreciate the good things Jesus does on the Sabbath. Most Jews cower at the rebuke from these men, but Jesus does not. He is very clear about this. He cares for the poor, the sick, and the marginalized more than He cares for how some people may interpret and apply God’s law. It is easy to follow a set of rules; it is much harder to care for the things of the heart. He also makes it clear that those who follow His path are put on earth to serve. His followers’ service comes out of love for Him. All who follow Him are to love and to serve, especially on the Sabbath. [Commentary in John 5 on Jesus' conflicts with religious leaders. -VOICE]

A few comparisons of religious and spiritual leaders:
  • Appreciation vs Jealousy - for folks who minister differently
  • Bullying vs Inspiring - of people who follow them.
  • People vs Rules - loving people should supersede religious legalities.
  • Head vs Heart - who or what you serve is a matter of the heart.
  • Service vs Subservience - we are hear to serve those Jesus served and not leaders.
  • Love vs Ritual - we are most like Jesus when we serve.
  • Sabbath vs Life - every day is a sabbath when it comes to healing.
Lord help us to be a people who appreciate, inspire, love and serve.

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