American Express wants to know

A bit of a format change ... to celebrate me (actually in response to a challenge from another blogger) I have listed below my answers to questions posed by an American Express Ad campaign:

  • My childhood ambition ... to be a fireman (@6 yrs), a lawyer (@16 yrs) & a computer programmer (@26 yrs)
  • My fondest memory ... my honeymoon
  • My soundtrack ... worship music (oddly followed by Phantom of the Opera)
  • My retreat ... my basement
  • My wildest dream ... hasn't happened yet
  • My proudest moment ... my wedding day
  • My biggest challenge ... to pick up my cross and follow Jesus
  • My alarm clock ... RCA cube (with a CD player) gets me up between 6 & 7am
  • My perfect day ... running around town with my wife
  • My first job ... YMCA Camp Counselor
  • My indulgence ... my car
  • My last purchase ... new pair of jeans
  • My favorite movie ... Chariots of Fire
  • My inspiration ... Jesus
  • My life ... trying to live true to the heart that God gave me (easier said than done)
  • My card ... Blockbuster (only because Wal-Mart doesn't have one)

If you are so inclined leave a comment and answer the questions. Happy 2006!


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