Hearts broken by the Church

Codepoke poses the following at The Familyhood Church:
"I am here because I've had my heart broken by the church, and I know it doesn't have to be that way."

In light of Jesus' affirmation that His mission was to bind up broken hearts, I find this to be an amazing and outrageous thought. I feel inspired right now so here goes:

On behalf of church leaders everywhere I ask those hearts who were broken by church leaders for forgiveness.

  • I confess that we have been more concerned with the church's success than your success.
  • I confess that we have asked you to lay your life down for us rather than us laying our life for you.
  • I confess that we have been seduced by the pulpit and have rejected Jesus' call to bind up your broken heart.
  • I confess that we care more about our personal study of the scriptures than visiting you when you are sick or imprisoned.

I ask you to forgive us! I ask God to bless you with church leaders who will lay down their life for you.


  1. Quite amazing to come upon this today. For months I have been struggling with issues so similar to this - ending up a while back asking God's forgiveness for myself - judge not, but I believe I was. Even if the church was breaking the hearts of many in the pews, it wasn't my place to judge. God is good, tho, I've returned to church with a new heart and new prayers - for God to forgive our church and return to us his spirit. Thanks for the timely post.

    many blessings

  2. Wonderful post. Right on target. If we're for God's Kingdom the church will fit in place and people will be blessed... If we're all about promoting the church the Kingdom will get lost and people will be overlooked.

  3. Bob,
    Thank you for your beautiful Shepherd's heart. We need to clone you.



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