Quiet Time

Broken Pilgrim gives the most succinct discourse on quiet time that I have ever heard. Here is an excerpt:
"Nowhere is this "slice of pie" approach more pervasive than in the teachings about having a daily Quiet Time. Make your "appointment with God" and you're good to go (as long as you keep all your appointments). Too often this leads to a works-righteousness approach to faith and life and relationship with God, a neo-pharasaical approach to sanctification. I mean, grace is alright for my justification, but now it's my turn and I just gotta do it!

Now, I want to qualify what I'm saying here. Am I knocking regular reading of the Bible? No. Am I slamming the idea of regular prayer? No. What I AM saying is that they don't belong on a "to do" list. If anything, they belong on a "to be" list, that they become part of the relational rhythms of how we "be" with God. The actual activity might look the same on the outside...but it's the place of the heart that is different."
The journey of our beautiful hearts is not about doing ... it is about being ... actually it is about doing out of our being.


  1. Amen, Bob.....good post.

    I saw your post on Barbara's blog. I'm praying for you and your wife. You both have a plateful....praying peace, comfort, and health!

  2. That is so well phrased. I have been trying to put into words the difference between how I was prior to last October vs how I am now.

    And that is it, exactly. I finally figured out that my appointments (when I showed up for them) were just me doing what I was supposed to do out of either guilt or for "fire-insurance" instead of out of a humble and sincere love for Jesus, and an intense desire to be as near to Him as possible...all the time.

    Kudos to Keith and kudos to you, Bob for posting it.

    PS(I've left that story of the Big Change on so many blogs I don't want to keep repeating myself. But if you've not read it and you want to, go check out the comments in The Thinklings "Knapp-ster" posting.)

  3. Wonderful post. I am learning much about His grace these days, how everything is led and prompted and developed by HIM and I am to rest and be and get to know Him!

    Thanks for your thoughts at GraceReign. I've had several of those walking through the pain experiences and found healing. I appreciate your reminder of that truth in this season.

  4. Good post. It made me think about something in my life that I would like to share.

    I have a few extra pounds of weight. The problem is not with the "regularly scheduled meals". The problem comes from the snacking and grazing that comes between meals and late at night. Sometimes it seems that the more I eat the more I want.

    I think my situation compares with your statement concerning scheduling God into our lives. Doing so may give us a bare subsistence of spiritual living, but true "fatness" will come when we seek after God because of our hunger for Him.

    Blessed are they that hunger and thirst after righteousness, for they shall be filled.

  5. I agree 100%. Is it possible to go to 110% like athletes say all the time? Just wondering..

    Quiet time and journaling are two areas that some folks get way too energized about, even legalistic. The whole point of any spiritual discipline is to know God. The same reason you ought not brag about your fasting works here too, but so many people brag about their quiet time. Gimme a break.

  6. I read your posts and find myself nodding in agreement...just agreeing...

  7. Love my quiet time... What little I get these days.


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