Getting Fixed Broke Everything

My friend Codepoke at Familyhood Church writes about his experiences with reconstructive surgery on his knee. Well worth the read. In it he relates:
It occurs to me we are converted by the Lord, and our spirits are made alive, but they are made alive much like my knee was fixed.

We are given a new spirit, and it's a living spirit, but we need to learn how to live with it, and even how to do those things that we used to take for granted. There was nothing mystically different about straightening my leg after I received my a new ACL, but I was forced to learn to do it all over again.

After receiving this new life in Christ, we need to learn how to be happy again, and how to be sad. We need to learn how to think and plan our lives, and how to be impulsive. We need to learn poetry all over again, and math. We used to be able to do all those things, but now we learn to do them all over again - with Him.
Thanks Codepoke for reminding us that living from our new heart is a life-long learning process.

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