Ministry Before Theology

Lorna at see-through faith wrote a great post today entitled ministry before theology. I particularly liked this:
You see Jesus always put ministry before theology. He put ministry before the Law and the Pharisees hated Him for it. He healed the sick on the sabbath, and He ate with prostitutes and sinners. And before He died He broke bread and gave it to his disciples knowing that - like us - they didn’t understand.

I want to be more like Him when I grow up, don’t you?

Yes, I do Lorna. Thanks for the encouragement.


  1. Great reminder, KB (and by default...Lorna).

    Even as I am trying to mature out of the legalistic mindset the ICOC used to promote, I sometimes find myself thinking the "OLD" ways again.

  2. Thanks, I always enjoy Lorna...need to remember to read her more often!

  3. Great find, KB, thanks for pointing us to this.

    "Ministry before theology" - I think this is the key to transcending the insipid, shallow divisions - left/right, conservative/liberal, progressive/fundamentalist - that are keeping us apart. We can come together around a gospel of compasssion and hope, and the work it calls us to.

    In short... AMEN! -howie


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