Kingdom Uncles

My blogging buddy Danny Sims posted his memories of Irby Jackson, an encouraging friend who passed away one year ago. Danny's post reminded me of the older men in my life who encouraged me in my walk with the Lord. These godly saints blessed my life by speaking words of affirmation to me on a regular basis. At church, men's meetings and retreats these older men approached me on a regular basis and told me that I was special. I cannot describe what it was like to have these men in my life. So, for the record, I list the following men in memoriam:
Ed Roberts: With his wife, Ellanora, Ed spent time (in the 80s) with my wife and I over breakfast, brunch and other occasions. I remember the day when Ed, who was close to 80 at the time, kindly rebuked me telling me that he always wanted to be able to learn from people younger than him. I'll never forget how humble a man he was.

Ralph Schmidt: With his wife Leone Ralph began and maintained Horsecreek Ranch, a retreat center close to Lake Perry, Kansas. Ralph was a kind man who was filled with the spirit of encouragement. His kindness inspired me. I loved the way he cared for me.

Gil Blake: Gil was a man who I looked up to as a man of courage and principle. I appreciated the example he gave me and the care he showed me. Gil caused me to exercise the spiritual gifts God had given me.

Max Barnhardt: Max was the eldest of this group. He combined many of the qualities of Ed, Ralph and Gil. He was a deeply spiritual man. I felt the love of God when I was around him. He like the others would say the most outrageous things about me to my face. It was so encouraging to be around him.
It is often said that church and life is all about relationships. I cannot remember the church we all attended and not think of these men. They were encouraging shepherds in my life.

Do you have uncles or aunts like Ed, Ralph, Gil and Max in your life? Maybe you could take a few minutes and tell us about them. It will do you good to rememer them!


  1. These sound like wonderful guys that have blessed your life, thanks for sharing about them.

  2. They sound wonderful. nd I looooove the name Horsecreek Ranch. It just has to be a great place!

  3. Hello Kansas Bob,

    My biological name is "Ralph Vernon Schmidt III". I have never met my father or his parents. In 2001, my mother encouraged me to look up my grandfather (Ralph Sr.) explaining (coincidentally) that he was a "kind" man. I searched for him on the internet (in 2001)but discovered that he unfortunately passed in 2000.

    Today, I learned that his wife (my grandmother) passed in 2005.

    Anyways, this may be asking alot of you, but I was wondering if you could make the time to tell me about Ralph Schmidt Sr. and/or Leona Schmidt. Keep in mind, I know essentially NOTHING at all.

    I would like to mention that I have particular interest in the spiritual aspect of his life. But any and all information is of interest.

    Thanks in Advance,

    My information:
    Ralph Allen(on record)
    Ralph Vernon Schmidt III


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