Institutionalized Education

I watched a thought provoking video on education over at Nathan's blog this morning. Nathan asked us this question:
My question, as you watch, is how does this apply to the church? Does it have relevance to the way we should do things at all? Now or in the future, how do you transition? If schools teach from a 19th century paradigm in the 21st century, what about the church?
Here is the way that I sort-of answered:
I have believed for a very long time that our school system is targeted at a small minority.. most of the folks who are successful in school have a style of learning that is very compatible with the manner of teaching in "institutionalized education" ... hey, I liked saying that ... usually it is someone who is unhappy with church that says "institutionalized church" :)

Seriously, the problems in US education far outshadow that of church in America.. I wonder why we never hear about this? Maybe it is because the "institutionalized church" has bought into "institutionalized education" ... hmmm ... I wonder how many of us in church like to be "taught" by Doctor Jones or Reverend Smith instead of being ministered to by brother Joe ... hmmm ... some interesting thoughts.
I think that US education has impacted the evangelical church much more that we want to admit. In our search for acceptance we have gravitated to unhealthy desires to be led by "educated" people.. we seem to now want teachers rather than shepherds.. we seem to want people who are brain-smart rather than heart-smart.. I have to wonder where this journey will end. What do you think? Is the church being overly influenced by academia?

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  1. I also posted this on my other blog so that I would get as much feedback as possible - I am really interested in your respnse to this.


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