Friend of My Wounded Heart

I was listening to Wayne Watson's Friend of a Wounded Heart on my Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir CD the other day. As I listened I thought about how relevant the words were to me. So here are the words with my reflections interspersed:

Smile, make them think you're happy
Lie, and say that things are fine.
And hide that empty longing that you feel
Don't ever show it, just keep your heart concealed.

Once upon a time in my life I lived like this. I hid my deep-seated pain and disappointment with God and with life. The devastation of my first wife's death drove me into hiding.

Why are the days so lonely?
I wonder where, where can a heart go free?
And who will dry the tears that no one sees?
There must be someone to share your silent dreams.

The journey out of my pain was a road filled with quiet desperation and tears. It was very difficult to share my pain with friends - I hated it when I lost it in front of them.

Caught like a leaf in the wind
Looking for a friend, where can you turn?
Whisper the words of a prayer
And you'll find Him there, arms open wide, love in His eyes.

Somewhere along the journey prayer and worship helped me process the pain rather than supress it. I began to understand that I need to walk through my pain rather than circle around it.

Jesus, He meets you where you are.
Oh, Jesus, He heals your secret scars
All the love you're longing for is Jesus
The friend of a wounded heart.

Secret scars - wow, that is so descriptive of that season in my life when I hid my pain and put up a hypocritical brave front. I was hurting so much but didn't want anyone to know.. I was so afraid of my pain.

Joy, comes like the the morning
Hope, deepens as you grow
and peace, beyond the reaches of your soul,
Comes blowing through you, for love has made you whole.

A deepening hope has taken, and is taking, residence in my inner man. I am realizng that experiencing joy involves becoming content with where I am, with my trials, and with unanswered prayer.. His love is making me whole.

Once like a leaf in the wind
Looking for a friend, where could you turn?
You spoke the words of a prayer
And you found Him there, arms open wide, love in His eyes.

These words are impossible to understand if you have not experienced the majesty of His acceptance and forgiveness. If your heart is wounded today try whispering the words of a prayer.. maybe you will find the friend of your wounded heart.


  1. This incredible song gives voice to my experience, too. Thank you for sharing it. I'll have to find that CD.

  2. Bob,
    The really amazing thing is that from that broken heart comes the desire to connect with God. And it seems to me that, brokenness is all He really wants from us.
    In our weakness.. and so on & so forth ..

  3. God enters through wounds.

    It's harder for a guy, I think, to "lose it" in front of friends.

    I give you a lot of credit - you see the pain and loss and forgiveness as a path. Many people would view it as being knocked off a path they were on. Instead, you see it as a natural and inevitable part of life, fair or unfair, and find your faith in the Lord on it.

  4. Wonderful Bob!!! True healing and joy comes only when we become real,
    not only to others but to ourselves!!!! One of my constant prayers is that God reveal my heart and show it to me.


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