Pulpit Teleprompters

As I was reflecting on my Obama teleprompter post I had a thought about how Billy Graham memorized his sermons and how similar that is to using a teleprompter.. and I started wondering how most pastors, priests or rabbis deliver their messages.

I am not a great speaker.. when I do speak (occasionally these days at our local jail) I use an outline and generally speak extemporaneously from notes in my outline.. I spend quite a bit of time preparing but leave room for a bit of inspiration as I speak. Tuesday I am using a few songs to help communicate my thoughts about Jesus healing broken hearts. I also like to use an over head projector to help narrate my message.. check out my delivery style here.

I have seen folks deliver teachings via memorization, outline and pure unprepared extemporanious speech. I generally prefer folks who are neither too rigid (aka teleprompter) nor too loose (aka unprepared). How does your minister deliver their message? Do they weave technologies like overhead projection, music and video into their presentation? What is your preference?


  1. To me it isn't so much the presentation as the content. Is it Bible backed with a lot of scriptures and is it clearly articulated? We are blessed to have a wonderful pastor/teacher who fits all these things. Yes, he uses notes and some times a video clip for emphasis. He is direct and does not hedge the truth.

  2. Kansas Bob,

    I like you would prefer those who are "just right" in their delivery style, and don't want to see a teleprompter anywhere in church. But my ultimate preference is Tongues of Fire and raising people out of wheel chairs...Can't teleprompt or script those things!

    Great blog post! Glad I found you adding you to my daily read!


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