He enjoys giving rest to those he loves.

If God doesn't build the house, the builders only build shacks.
If God doesn't guard the city, the night watchman might as well nap.
It's useless to rise early and go to bed late, and work your worried fingers to the bone.
Don't you know he enjoys giving rest to those he loves?
Psalm 127: 1-2 MSG

Solomon speaks here of the vanity of doing things without the influence and blessing of God. He indicates that even the most ornate of palaces are but mere shacks in the eyes of the Almighty. These verses remind me of how Jesus spoke to his disciples about building their lives on a solid foundation. It speaks to me of the glorious dwellings that we build when we trust the Lord. In truth our lives are only safe when they are entrusted to our heavenly night watchman.

That said I am not sure that I can really relate to the idea of the gift of rest. Can you? When I consider what it means to trust the Lord I sometimes think of some sort of religious activity. Yet trusting the Lord is more about resting than it is about doing. I think that much worry and anxiety has its roots in what we do rather than what He does. Could it be that God only builds when we rest? Is Solomon trying to tell us to be still and know that He is God?

Help me to walk in this gift of rest today Lord. Teach me what it means to trust you.


  1. Great confirmation today. I've been told to rest, but I still think I need to "do".

    1. I have had the flu since Monday Ma. So my rest has been mandatory. :)

    2. Yikes! I hope it passes soon. I had a "mandatory rest" back in January...no fun.

  2. I struggle with resting when it comes to letting God work in the hearts of those I care about rather than butt in and mess things up. I've found that when I do stay out of God's way, things turn out a whole lot better than when I try to move things along. If I could just do that on a consistent basis!


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