Souls who follow their hearts thrive ...

Ignore the Word and suffer; honor God's commands and grow rich. The teaching of the wise is a fountain of life, so, no more drinking from death-tainted wells! Sound thinking makes for gracious living, but liars walk a rough road. A commonsense person lives good sense; fools litter the country with silliness. Souls who follow their hearts thrive; fools bent on evil despise matters of soul. -Proverbs 13:12-16,19 MSG

There are two basic ways to live - from your head or from your heart. When we are young we tend to play it safe and live in the black and white world of our heads - the black and white is easy and merely requires a set of simplistic rules to aid us in the complex decisions of life. The brain is most comfortable with the black or white and is uncomfortable with the gray. Yet the gray heart areas are where true we find the beautiful things in life like love and friendship.

When I ponder what it means to "honor God's commands" or heed the "teaching of the wise" I think of trusting God with all of my heart. Commonsense and wisdom are things that often cannot be discerned by logic and principles because they are "matters of soul" - sometimes we need to dig deep with our hearts and souls to find the wise and sensible way.

Help us to be wise Lord and trust in you with all of hearts and not lean on our own understanding.

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