a Creator of creators

In the beginning, Lord, you laid the foundations of the earth [Hebrews 1:10 NIV]

What comes to your mind when you hear the word foundation? I think of a house being built. Everything rests on the foundation. Jesus speaks of this idea when he compares building our lives on either the rock of his words or on the shifting sands of own ways. The foundation is the most important part of a structure.

Yet the foundation is not the whole thing. Isn't it interesting that God lays a foundation and we build on it? This speaks to me of a divine imagination. Surely God could have done more than lay the building blocks of creation. Yet he chose to involve us in the creation of offspring and other parts of his earth.

That said, this may not resonate with some who imagine God to be doing more than building foundations. Some imagine God to be in control of every part of the building process. These do not see the wonder of creation that I do. I mean really, is it not wonderful to see God as a Creator of creators.

I want to build on divine foundations Lord. Inspire me to create new things.

... this devotion is part of a series about the book of Hebrews.

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