It is Finished!

He said, “It is finished!” And He bowed His head and gave up His spirit. [John 19:30 NASB]

The words “It is finished” are translated from one Greek word: “tetelestai”. The word is an accounting term used in Jesus' times to indicate something that was “Paid in Full”. When I consider this aspect of the cross I think of the word redemption. Jesus death redeemed us and paid our debt in full.

The idea of being redeemed speaks of a debt that was owed and is now forgiven, or paid in full. It reminds me of a phrase in the Lord's prayer that is often translated "forgive us our debts". It begs the question: "What was the human debt that was forgiven on the cross?" I think that this debt is the one we have to love both our creator and his creation. We are created to love and we trespass when we do not love.

Some see this word, “tetelestai”, from an accountant's transnational perspective. I think that we miss the message when we reduce it to those terms. Jesus' death was the ultimate act of love. As his divine blood flowed down from the cross he was showing us how to love. He was showing us what love really looks like. When he died his mission of love was finished. Our debt of love was paid in full by his redeeming love.

Lord help me to love as I remember the price love paid for my redemption.

... this devotion is on the last words of Christ.


  1. Oh may I truly grasp and understand that love, and then in some small measure show it to "my" sphere of influence as I live my daily life.

  2. I'm thinking of that old hymn "Oh the deep, deep love of Jesus..."

    Saying a big Amen to your post!


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