entering a place of rest

they were not able to go into His rest because they did not put their trust in Him. [Hebrews 3:19 NLV]

We do well to remember the story of the 12 men who Moses sent to spy out the promised land. Only 2 of the men came back believing that Israel was able to take the land that God had promised them. The other 10 spoke of giants in the land and communicated fear. The people believed the 10.

In a sense this is the story of our lives. Will we embrace the future with optimism or pessimism? Will we trust that God will be with us on the journey? Or will we be afraid of the future? The question challenges me. I sometimes look to the future and fear the worst. And I find no rest when I do.

Transparently, I often think of the past when I look to the future. But instead of seeing times of joy, I remember the times of fear. In that I am like the 10 rather than the 2. It reminds me that I am only trusting God when I am not in control. I can only enter rest when I am trusting God instead of myself.

I am afraid of the future Lord. Help me to trust you and to enter your rest.

... this devotion is part of a series about the book of Hebrews.

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