the word: living; active; sharp; discerning.

The word of God is alive and active, sharper than any double-edged sword. It cuts all the way through, to where soul and spirit meet, to where joints and marrow come together. It judges the desires and thoughts of the heart. [Hebrews 4:12 GNT]

I love this description. In context it is referring to the idea that we must not harden our hearts to God's voice. I think that many mistakenly apply this to the bible. In doing so they limit divine communication to words written many years ago. This presents us with an incomplete image of God's Word.

In my experience God has spoken to me in many ways. I have felt his voice pierce me. Separating my voice from his. My thoughts and desires from his. These experiences lead me to believe that when God speaks it is like a surgeon operating with a scalpel. Precise. Helpful. Healing. And skilled.

The words alive and active tell me how relevant his voice is to me. He uses what I read and hear to transform me on a daily basis. His words to me can do things that nothing else can do. He is not constrained by my ability to hear but can, and does, communicate to me as I walk with him.

Help me to keep my heart open, and not hard, to your word Lord.

... this devotion is part of a series about the book of Hebrews.

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