my new heart gave me a new perspective

The people who survived these plagues still did not turn to me ... [Revelation 9:20 GW]

Trials, troubles and suffering are an odd phenomenon. For some they cause a turning to God. For others they have the opposite effect. I can relate to both. Here is a bit of my story.

I was 22 and newly married when my young wife went blind. She was blind for over three years. Though I was raised in the church, I really do not ever remember turning to God in prayer. Instead I turned to booze. It helped to numb the pain and the disappointment of Ellen's blindness.

Three years later God came into Ellen's life and healed one of her eyes. Our lives began to dramatically change with the return of her eyesight. My life changed the following year as I submitted my life to Jesus. As I turned to God I began to get a new perspective on past pains.

Fast forward fourteen years. Ellen had heart and kidney failure that took her life four years later. During that time, and in the years since, I have found it so helpful to turn to God. To release my pain to him. To cast my cares towards him in prayer. My new heart gave me a new perspective.

Open the eyes of our hearts Lord that we might turn to you when things go wrong.

... this devotion is part of a series from the book of Revelation


  1. Thanks for sharing this again.
    It's interesting how God works and fine tunes each of us.
    It seems pain...both physical and a very sharp scalpel.


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