the praise filled heart

Responding out of a heart filled with praise, they congregate before the throne of God and constantly worship Him day and night in His temple. The One seated on the throne will always live among them. ... He will lead them to the water of life. [Revelation 7:15,17 VOICE]

I love this beautiful image of heaven. It speaks to me of eternal life and a heart that knows God. Such a heart senses the presence of God. The praise filled heart is watered by life giving springs.

Jesus said that believers will have this experience. Springs of life will flow from the deepest parts of their heart. In reality, the giving of praise opens our heart to God's refreshing springs.

I can so relate. I know that praise can break the chains that bind me. When life is heavy I want to respond with praise. Join with me. With heaven. And sing a song of praise to our God.

You are worthy Lord. You are worthy. I praise You. I praise You. Be glorified in me.

... this devotion is part of a series from the book of Revelation


  1. Praise fills my heart despite all the trials of this world. Anger, hostility and all the physical calamities happening. I have to put my trust in Him.
    Prayers for my friends who are in harms way with the raging Firestorms just a short distance from us.

    1. Joining you in prayer for those in California Sue.


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