But if it is by grace [God’s unmerited favor], it is no longer on the basis of works, otherwise grace is no longer grace [it would not be a gift but a reward for works]. What then? Israel failed to obtain what it was seeking [that is, God’s favor by obedience to the Law], but the elect [those chosen few] obtained it, while the rest of them became hardened and callously indifferent; [Romans 11:6-7 AMP]

The subject of election is a weighty theological subject. I will not try to cover it in much detail here. The two sides of the debate involves the idea of choice or free will in election. Some think that God chooses some and rejects others. Others think humans choose to accept or reject God's gift.

Neither side talks much about the spiritual aspect of what it means to be elect. I liken election to the incarnation. God came to Mary before something divine was conceived in her. God already knew that she would say yes to him. But he came to her before Jesus was conceived in her.

I think that it is similar with us. God comes to us wanting to birth something divine in us. Because he is God, he knows that we will say yes. Yet he wants our willing participation in this divine conception. This seems consistent with the way that God has always worked in the world.

Help me Lord to keep my heart soft and open to what you want to birth in me.

... this devotion is part of the z2a bible words series.

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