unity not uniformity

Make every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace. -Ephesians 4:3 NIV []

I have often thought that unity is not the same as uniformity. In a real sense, these two are polar opposites. Uniformity focuses on minutiae. Unity sets it sights higher and looks for things that we share in common. Yet the draw of uniformity remains strong in religious circles.

This verse challenges me to look past the differences that I have with others and pursue avenues of peace. In a religious sense this, for me anyways, has been an effort to listen and understand those who think differently. In doing so I have been able to get past my past.

I am not saying that these peaceful conversations have radically altered my theology or political views. Unity is rarely ever about such things. In contrast. Unity fosters compassion. Promotes humility. Places us in a position where we look for welfare of those who are different fro us.

Teach me to see as you see Lord. Help me to keep the unity of the Spirit.

... this devotion is part of the z2a bible words series.

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