Pray for the Sudan

Kelli Standish has a good post on the Sudan. I don't think much about this country ... maybe posts like these will help turn our hearts to pray. This video is especially moving ... take a few minutes out of your busy day and watch it ... let your heart break and pray for these that Jesus loves.


  1. I'll head over to read it. My former pastor was deeply moved by what's going on in Sudan - in fact he and his wife adopted two girls from there who both have amazing stories.

    We have "issues" in the Western cultures but dang, how dare we complain?

  2. We give to a mission Africa it's a must. We have to help others in need. We are called to do so.

  3. Bob,
    Thanks so much for posting this. Sudan is in SUCH need. When we were there, we heard stories from my students. Stories of such horror. Some of them told of being chased by gunships in their markets. Others told of hiding in the bushes as children while their families were assaulted and killed in front of them.
    These were some of the most amazing, precious people in the whole world. I cannot think of them without weeping. They need our prayers.



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