If Only We Could See

Here are a few great follow-up thoughts to my post on Lady Liberty from our good friend Danny Kaye:


If only we could see the things Lady Liberty has seen from her perch on the water.

She has seen brotherly kindness extended to total strangers.

She has seen glistening hope in the eyes of those who had no hope.

She has seen crowds give up their collective citizenships to become a part of the land over which she watches.

She has seen ship after ship after ship carrying our nation's future leaders and collective heritage.

She has seen the desire for freedom in the souls of the oppressed.

She has seen great things!

If only we could see what she has seen.

Amen Danny! Truly inspired! Thanks for these beautiful words.

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  1. Wow! Thanks for the high praise, KB. I'm glad it touched you.


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