An Inspiring Psalm

Often, I read something that evokes a deep reaction in my heart. Today Julie Bogart posted something that did just that. Here are the beginning verses to "A Psalm: in honor of James Cone".
God is at work, even while I sleep.

As a child, I slept in my 1960s white middle class Californian home
and didn't praise God
African Americans, under the burden of Jim Crow laws,
thanked God for their daily bread
They sang that God would some day "swing low" and "carry them home"

In junior high, I looked to God for my deliverance from sin
so that I might go to heaven
Black Americans looked to God for their deliverance from my sins,
from the sins white people committed against them
that they might know heaven on earth.
The remainder of this psalm is truly magnificent. I encourage you to read the rest of it and encourage Julie at her blogspot. I join with Julie echoing the last verse of her psalm: "Glory be to the God of the oppressed!"

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