How To Not Pray

Barbara has knocked one out of the park with her most recent post titled "How To Not Pray". Here is her list:
    1. Sometimes prayer is used as a means of proof to your church or others that you are a "good Christian".
    2. Read all the books you can find on prayer so that you can pray "right".
    3. Base your prayer on a request that you don't understand because it would take a semester long course to learn what it means.
    4. Try to impress others by using all the prayer buzzwords.
    5. Be forced to pray out loud in a group.
I recommend that you visit her post to read some of the most insightful stuff about the dynamics of group prayer and the silly rules that people make up about praying. It is good stuff and might just set you free J


  1. Thanks for this post and the link.
    I am looking forward to the read.
    I am doing a study on prayer. God bless you and hope you have a great week.

  2. I love this...especially #5--

    I've heard prayers that have been entirely made up of "prayer buzzwords"--does God roll His eyes when He hears that?

  3. Came to visit via Kinney's blog. You have a wonderful site. I have enjoyed it much and will be back.


  4. Gee, this is so right on! Came here via Janna's blog...blessings!

  5. I guess the way I usually pray would curl some folks hair.
    I just talk to him. I hate public prayer unless the person, or I, am absolutely led to do so.


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