Emerging Church

At a friend's request I posted my perpsective on the emerging church last November. I am still interested in this Christian movement and recently viewed this 10 minute video (above) at Alex's place. I recommend it to you. It will give you a brief overview of what the emerging church movement is all about and how the different streams of it don't alays agree with each other. If you watch it please let me know what you think of it.


  1. Bob,
    I think it is interesting to see how the labels that we put on ourselves and others effect us as the Church.
    I have been reading Shane Claiborne and I think I would really like to read some of Rob Bell's stuff after seeing this.
    I have read some stuff from Mclaren and I don't know about the theological issues. But I can say I did agree with a lot of what I have read from him. Not that I am a follower of any of these guys.
    I think I will follow Jesus and let them have the debate.
    Peace Brother

  2. Well, Bob, what do you make of all of this?
    I'm not sure. If it becomes an organization like Emergent Village, then it's just another thing waiting to get messed up by human folly. I think I've said that before. . .but we do crave fellowship and "sameness" with others.
    Anyway, I'm agree with Shaun.

  3. ...should have been "I'm in agreement with Shaun."

  4. Thanks for the comments Shaun and Karen! I agree with this Shaun:

    "I think I will follow Jesus and let them have the debate."

    I posted my thoughts on the emerging movement folks here Karen.

  5. Hmm. That is an interesting little piece. I have been skirting at the edges of some emergent voices for a little while now. I like ideas like "missional" (as you mentioned previously). I've pondered Kingdom for a while. I also think even if we try to look at things with "fresh eyes", like Mark Driscoll said, on some things you have to answer the question. The Bible has absolutes. It has some things that leave room for interpretation.

    I think I'm less likely to shout someone down now, but I liked Driscoll's approach.

    Oh, I've been listening to Mosaic podcasts for a while now (not sure if McManus embraces the emergent label or not).

    Good stuff to think about.


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