We Walk by Faith

This song so moved me this morning as I watched it on TV.. I am still crying.. I have been down for a long time. It is such a good thing to be reminded that our walk is not one of sight.. when our natural eyes only seem to see life's difficulties we need to remember that our life is a walk of faith in things unseen by natural eyes.


  1. Many of us are fighting this good fight of faith for different difficulties that we face. We must keep our eyes fixed on Jesus and Jesus alone.

  2. The song is beautiful, but not so beautiful as the aroma of your faithful commitment to your Lord. In the good times He proves His love to us. In the times like these, we prove to the angels our love to Him, and He redeems the beauty in the ashes.

    Thank you, Bob, for sharing so openly of your story with Christ.

  3. This song touched me deeply too. Thank you for sharing it . I think that the walk of faith is the hardest one to walk but arriving at the final destination makes it worth it all.


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