The Hopeful Heart

    I know that your goodness and love will be with me all my life;
    and your house will be my home as long as I live. [Psalm 23:6 GNT]

The word "hope" is sometimes confused with the word "wish". When we say "I hope you get better" we are really conveying a heartfelt wish for a better tomorrow. In that context hope is tenuous and no more than a wishful thought. In contrast, hope is not wishful at all. It emanates from the heart not the head.

When David speaks about goodness, love and eternity he is writing about something that he knows. Hope that he has experienced not something that he wishes would come later on. The nature of hoping is knowing not wishing. In this sense we can only hope in what we know. In Who we know in our heart.

We can have hope for future goodness and love because of what and Who we know today. We can understand that God will be good to us tomorrow because he was good to us yesterday. This kind of hope is not rational because it is not based on what we know with our head but Who we know with our heart.

Help us to remember that we have hope today Lord. Attune our ears to listen to our hopeful heart.

... this devotion is part of a series about King David.

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