The Tested Heart

Test me and try me, O Lord. Test my mind and my heart. [Psalm 26:2 NLV]

Life is filled with trials that test us. Disappointment. Unemployment. Sickness. Hopelessness. Betrayal. Death. These try our faith like nothing else. These make little sense and sometimes cause us to doubt, with our minds, the goodness and love of God. These sometimes bring unbearable weights to our souls.

Yet in the midst of dark times a beautiful light sometimes emanates from deep within us. I remember one such time when I was taking my nightly walk. It was just a few weeks after my first wife died. It was a dark time. As I walked I became aware of how much God loved me. Darkness was becoming light.

The journey from darkness to light is one of testing. Will the darkness drive dark thoughts? Or will life's testings cause mental darkness to yield to the beautiful light of the heart? My thinking is that the stronger part of us will win out. Will we feed and strengthen or heart or allow dark thoughts to prevail?

Lord, please help the beautiful light of our new heart to prevail in dark times.

... this devotion is part of a series about King David.

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